Corey Cotten


Who I Am!

Growing up in a small town where nothing much ever really happened, my main focus was to develop and build a life that I could not only be proud of, but make a difference with. Along the way there has been an unbelievable amount of obstacles, which I never realized then, that shaped me and my mindset to who I am now. I started my fitness journey when I was about 12 years old, in my grandparents garage of all places…with a Walmart weight set! I started studying books from guys that I not only looked up to, but wanted to work along side of someday.

My heavy weight, high intensity powerlifting style stems from years of state and national level powerlifting, which later transitioned into Fitness and Bodybuilding, winning numerous titles over the years. Coupled with a relentless  mindset, I am now on a mission to help other achieve their own goals! I remember thinking that if I only knew HALF of the things when I got started that I know now, I would have avoided a ton of dead ends and brick walls and gotten to some of the goals much sooner. But then again, Calm Seas never made a Skilled Sailor!! 

That’s why now I am sharing my years of knowledge and expertise, in an understandable and fun way to help others like yourself break barriers, achieve their goals and set new ones!! Winning titles and trophies is all well and good, but what I feel most accomplished about and proud of are the people I have inspired and helped along the way. Through my own personal experiences, struggles and demons I’ve faced down and overcame, I know now that there truly is no better joy and pleasure than being part of helping others on their journey. I have helped literally thousands of clients achieve their “Dream Body” with my training program, nutritional guidance and motivation. Lets be real, none of us gets their own our own, we all had help at some point, some where in our lives. Let me be that help for you now!!